Why Does My Dog Smell? Get the Reason Your Best Friend Stink Here

Often wonder “Why does my dog smell”? Well the thing about dogs, they are known to be man’s best friend. Some of them are big, some of them are small, some are extra furry and some may be bald. Whatever the size, whatever the breed and whatever the appearance, we love them.

The adorable four-legged creatures are our pets, part of our family and dear to our hearts. We wouldn’t replace them for anything, even if they don’t smell the best or your dogs breath smell like fish. This can, of course, cause a problem because our dogs are all over our house, rolling on the carpet, jumping up on our couch and diving onto our beds. They are also all over us.

A smelly dog isn’t very sanitary. There is no way I can allow my dog to lay in my bed if he/she smells less than great. But they are so darn cute with their big eyes and wagging tongues. How can we deny them access to what comforts them?

They deserve to lie down in the warm, soft couch and take a nap too. Our home should be their home. If you kick them out of the house, there is no doubt that you will be assailed with guilt.

You will feel like the one in the doghouse. No, that is not a good feeling.

You may be wondering about the reasons for why your dog smells. You have shampooed, washed and scrubbed to no end without any improvement. You are exhausted.

The stench remains and it seems it isn’t going anywhere. This is frustrating for you and anyone who comes into contact with your beloved pet. The scent is now just too much. Well, there are many factors that contribute to this little problem, so washing may not be enough to solve the problem. Here are a few reasons why your best friend may stink.


Contact with dirty smelly things

dog can get smelly by things they chew onYou have to take into consideration that your dog might have taken a joy roll in something like feces or some decaying substance.

There is also the possibility that your dog might have had an up and close encounter with a skunk. This is pretty easy to diagnose.


The skin

Your dog’s odor may be related to skin disease. Yes, dogs experience skin conditions just like us. It can be parasitic infestations or even an allergic skin infection.

Yeast and bacterial skin infections can occur as secondary problems due to other skin conditions. The odors that these conditions give off are no joke.


Bad Breath

Why do dogs have bad breath? Dogs too suffer from the plaguing halitosis. A dog’s breath might not have been so great to begin with, so you probably think it’s no big deal.

But, it can be. Some illnesses such as diabetes and kidney failure can cause a dog’s breath to change for the worse.

Let’s not forget the dental diseases. Our adorable little guys can suffer from a sore mouth and infected gums. Their salivating is increased and the odor isn’t pleasant.


Ear Infection

Some bacterial infections can cause anyone to smell, let alone a dog. If you see your dog scratching and shaking its head and the behavior is accompanied by a foul smell, It’s time to go to the vet.



If your doggie smells, you have to make a closer assessment. Determine if the smell is coming from your dog or if it’s on your dog’s fur. Doggy flatulence is another smelly factor.

Your pet may be suffering from an intestinal or dietary problem. Flatulence is quite normal, but if it is a frequently occurring issue, the vet should be your next stop.


Anal Glands

This sound disgusting, but it has to be dealt with. There are a couple of glands within a dog’s anus that secretes a foul-smelling substance.

The highly odorous fluid can leak onto your dog’s fur, your carpet, and furniture. The potent stench will be everywhere. What a nightmare.


Wet dog

The cause of your dog’s odor may be something as simple as wet fur. If your dog loves water, he might be spending hours in pools and other wet bodies.

The scent given off from wet fur is musty and annoying.


The Solution for your dog smell

Never fear, my fellow dog lovers, suffer no more. There are several solutions to getting rid of your smelly problem, no matter how bad it is. First of all, for the minor causes like wet fur and rolling in filth, there is daily bathing.

For the gastrointestinal problem, you can make a few modifications to your dog’s diet.

There is the option of surgery for the infected ears and frequent dental cleaning for the bad breath issue.

Let’s get to the ghastly anal glands. To solve this problem, there is a technique of assessing and emptying the anal gland at home. I know, it doesn’t sound like something you want to try. But, if that is the cause of your dog’s odor, it must be done. So take a deep breath and prepare yourself mentally as well as physically.

Anal gland expression has a few steps that can be taught by your veterinarian. If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can ask your veterinarian to demonstrate the steps before you make the attempt. Instructions on the procedure can also be found online (Google is your friend).

For the more serious problems, the smartest solution is, of course, taking your best friend to get professional help.

When the cause of your dog’s odor is not evident, a vet may be able to better make a diagnosis.

To get the best advice on any problems regard your pet, the vet is the ideal person to give you advice and provide treatment.

As adorable as your best buddy is, it is difficult to live with his/her foul stench in your home. After a while, it becomes too hard to ignore. Your nostrils will be sure to rebel.

As you now know, there are several contributing factor that causes your dog to smell. All you have to do is pay attention and you will know the best remedy.

Just when you have given up hope and are prepared to suffer the guilt and send your bestie to the dog house, you get the cure for the stink.