Pooch Smooth – Bad Breath Eliminator for Dogs

If you have been leaning down to give your dog a smooch and realize that you can smell a tinge of bad breath, it may be time to take care of its oral hygiene.

Bad breath in dogs is not uncommon but it only becomes worrisome when your pooch starts depicting signs of aggression and chewing compulsively. Commonly, bad breath in your pooch is generally caused by tooth and gum disease but it could also be due to an excessive amount of tartar.

If you have been looking for the perfect solution for your dog’s bad breath, Pooch Smooth-Bad Breath Eliminator for Dogs is exactly what you need combined with the best dog food for bad breath.

Pooch Smooth – Bad Breath Eliminator for Dogs

The Pooch Smooth-Bad Breath Eliminator for Dogs is a proven supplement that will enhance the continued oral hygiene of your dog.

As studies have proven that bad-breath bacteria usually come from the tongue, the supplement will eliminate the bacterium that is lurking on your dog’s tongue. It does not matter whether you have a small pooch or a fully grown bull dog, the bad breath eliminator will still work effectively. The bacteria-fighting enzymes that combat bad breath will ensure that your dog gets the cleaning that it deserves.

Regardless of how much you use this bad breath eliminator, it will not work effectively if you do not know the real cause of your dog’s bad breath. Thus, it is important to take laboratory test results to ensure that you do not need any other specialized treatment.

The Pooch Bad Breath Eliminator for dogs only works well with normal conditions that may result to bad breath but excessive conditions such as diabetes will require treatment from an expert.

How to use The Pooch Smooch?

Bought with a Pooch-Smooch brush and two packets of peanut butter and chicken pooch paste, the product works when used in the following ways:

  • The Pooch-paste is applied on the dog’s brush. You do not only have to settle for peanut butter and chicken flavored paste. Depending on what your dog likes, you can always diversify with cheeseburger and steak flavors.
  • When placed on the brush, the dog will not resist licking the toothpaste up.
  • The brush is then used to remove all the dirt and tartar from the tongue and the gums. You do not have to manually brush the dog’s tongue, the dog’s tongue gets clean as it licks up to toothpaste. The Pooch-Smooth brush has a good number of firm bristles that easily scrapes away bacteria that is found deep inside the tongue.

As poor oral hygiene dramatically reduces your dog’s oral lifespan, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Made from the best natural ingredients that are inclusive of the rarest type of strawberries, you can always rely on this supplement to work wonders on the bad breath that is affecting your dog.

The Pooch Smooth-Bad Breath Eliminator for Dogs is a great investment because it does exactly what it was designed for; being a solid addition to your dog’s overall dental regimen. Easy to use, you will no longer need to worry about bad breath, discoloration or oral bleeding. It is the ultimate go-to product for any dog in need just like other products as dog breath freshener dental care foam spray and likes.