Nutri-Vet Breath and Tartar Chicken Flavored Biscuits

You might be experiencing a difficult time when you need to maintain a good dental health of your dog. This is a common problem for many dog owners. While some owners are worrying about how they can fight the bad breath of their dogs, others are finding it easy to do it. So what is the secret? Meet Nutri-Vet Breath And Tartar Chicken Flavored Biscuits.

How The Product Works

Nutri-Vet Breath And Tartar Chicken Flavored Biscuits are special biscuits developed by Nutri-Vet. The biscuits are crunchy and they are specifically designed to keep the breath of your dog fresh. Other than fighting bad breath, these biscuits also help to strengthen the teeth of your dog and get rid of any plaque. Here is a breakdown of how the biscuits help your dog;

  • Get rid of bad breath. This is done by the spearmint and the Parsley flakes. The spearmint helps to freshen the breath and maintain a healthy mouth. You will not need to brush your dog’s teeth to maintain a good dental health. These biscuits do the magic of ensuring that the dog’s breath is fresh at all times.
  • Eliminate and prevent the buildup of tartar. When you feed your dog with the regular dog food, the tartar gets stuck inside the teeth. These biscuits help to get rid of the tartar and prevent any future buildup.
  • Strengthen the teeth. The biscuits have specially been designed to keep the teeth of the dog strong. They contain some good amount of calcium that helps to keep the teeth strong.
  • Fights plaque. These special biscuits have a unique ability to prevent and fight the common plaque in your dog’s mouth. The biscuits are crunchy, which helps to get rid of all the tartar buildup in the teeth of your dog. The tartar buildup is the common cause of plaque and the bad breath of your dog.
  • Chicken flavored. Nutri-Vet has developed these biscuits with a unique chicken flavor. This way, your dog will not have troubles eating the biscuits. You simply serve him the biscuits and experience a fresh breath throughout the day.

These biscuits are the best choice to keep your dog’s breath fresh and keep the teeth strong and healthy.

Why Buy Them?

Maintaining regular teeth brushing for your dog can be such a difficult task. However, with the Nutri-Vet Breath And Tartar Chicken Flavored Biscuits, your job is made much easier. These biscuits have a chicken flavor, so the dog will definitely love them. The crunchiness of the biscuit is another thing that your dog will love. These biscuits will eliminate the tartar buildup and wash out all the food remains in the teeth of your dog. They also help to keep the teeth strong and improve the overall dental health. For that, your dog will have less dental problems and a pleasant breath.

Ideally, give about two biscuits for every forty pounds of weight twice in a day. For that, if your dog weighs 80 pounds, you will give him four biscuits twice each day. For perfect results, feed the dog on the biscuits for about six weeks. Though you can keep giving him the biscuits if there is the need to.