Homemade Dog Mouthwash Works? Get Your Answer Here

Do you own a pet? If yes, then this has probably happened to you, at a point, your pet gets a really bad breadth.

You have tried all that you can to find a solution to this problem; but sadly, there is no relief.

To some people, their dogs are like children to them. They want to kiss their dogs the way they would normally kiss their child. But no way! The odor of bad breadth and the fear of contacting disease stop them.

You may have taken your pet to the vet; but what is the result?

A bit frustration isn’t it?

Then, and like something out of the blue you are introduced to breath mints or even better, the homemade dog mouthwash. Does it work? Can it bring expected results?

The questions above will be answered. The answers them in the course of this article will definitely wipe away all the fears that you entertain over your pet. In this brief educative article, l will lay bare what you are to do to overcome this problem and make it clear that homemade dog mouthwash works.


Does homemade dog mouthwash work?

wonder if the mouthwash for dogs really works?Some of this dog mouthwash comes in the form of an Additive. The formula is squirted into the water bowl of your dog. It works perfectly on any dog. The ingredients are perfectly formulated to remove bad breadth from your dog.

This additive does the following

  • It prevents film of saliva from forming in your pet’s mouth.
  • It will not allow mucus to form in your dog’s mouth.
  • It will prevent food residues building on the surface of your dog’s teeth.
  • It will kill bacteria in the mouth of your dog.


Why use mouthwash?

The side effect of bad breath on your dog can be very grave if not addressed timely. It can lead to renal disease; and even cardiac arrest. No thanks to bacteria if it permitted to grow in your dog’s mouth.

Another form of defense is to cultivate the habit of brushing your pet’s mouth every day. This habit may look like taking things to the extreme; but the truth of the matter is that this trend works perfectly well.

Your dog may not like it at the initial stage; matter fact, but this is a habit that can easily be inculcated into your pet, matter of fact. You are duty bound to brush her teeth every day. This reduces stank breadth you have to deal with every day.

The upper and lower canine teeth are known for the bad breadth they emit. With just a single yawn, your dog can spew out such a stench that you can be driven out of the room. You definitely do not want that from your dog.

You may want to argue here that the above process should be left to the professionals to handle. You are far from the stark reality if you belong to such school of thought.

Leaving the cleaning of your dogs teeth to the professional is expensive. Two, it is disruptive. Your pet will be injected with a sedative before the vet can carry out the process of cleaning the mouth.

You brush your teeth at dawn and at dusk. Fix the routine of your dog for any of the two instances. It will get used to it. In no time, your dog will take it as a daily routine which must be followed. It definitely will adjust.

How you do it?

how you use the mouthwash for dogs?It should be a quick brush. Since the toothpaste tastes good, your dog will put up with it. After every brush, let a crunchy treat follow every morning or night’s brush as the case may be. It is a sort of bait for your dog and it will look forward to it after every brush.

Ensure that you find the type of toothpaste that your dog likes. That is the secret to the happiness of your dog, with sparkling white teeth. The ideal toothpaste for your dog is the one that has the smell of rotten garbage.

Do not go for pastes that have peppermint or spearmint flavor. Your dog will not enjoy pastes in that category. Brushing your dog’s teeth should be fun as much as possible for your dog. You can achieve this by getting the right paste.



Bad breath in your dog can be prevented. Definitely without any gainsaying, homemade dog mouthwash works just like the best dog food for bad breath which is something you always should take care of.