The Best Naturally Food to Fee Dogs to Prevent Bad Breath

We all love our bet pets dearly. What about their bad breath? Well, that’s a different story!

Are you really bothered by your pets bad breath and you are seeking for the beat solution for this situation?

Are you terrified that your pets bad breath could be a sign of a problem in your dogs overall health?

Some of the most common problems of bad breath are gum and tooth diseases. Seeking a veterinarian attention could be the best solution for this. However, food and nutrition could be the reason behind the bad breath in some cases. Therefore, here are some of the best food to fee dogs to prevent bad breath.


Serve Your Dog with Dry Food

Dry food are the best for your dog as compared to wet food. You should serve you dog with nutritious food that are easy to swallow and don’t get caught in the teeth and gums of your dog. Wet food can be soft and sticky hence get stuck in the gums and teeth of your dog leading to tooth decay eventually causing bad breath.



Have your dog chew some fresh parsley. Parsley is the best alternative to control your dog’s breath naturally. Get them from the supermarket, chop and sprinkle it over the dog’s food and the can also be used in a dog mouthwash recipe.



Lemons should be squeezed into the dog’s drinking water. It is among the easiest and most effective methods of treating the pets bad breath and cleansing their teeth too. Do not to squeeze a lot of lemon because they may not taste well for your pet.



Plaque may have build up in your dog’s teeth causing bad breath. Carrots, with their abrasive texture helps to decrease the plaque as much as possible. Fortunately, carrots not only help to reduce plaque but are also an added advantage to your dog since the are rich in vitamins.


Water Additives and Change Water Daily

Additives having anti-plaque activities are available in the supermarket in plenty. They contain anti-plaque ingredients that provide the dog with proper hygiene and fresh breath for up to twelve hours a day.

When refilling your dog’s water, add one cap full of this additive to it. Many of these products are regarded as safe for your dog. However, before giving these additives to your dog, ensure you read the labels well. Still, talk to your veterinarian to ensure it is the most recommended additive for your dog. Moreover, you should change the water that your pet drinks regularly because the dog not only sips the water but slurps it too. Hence, they deposit plenty of food and grass to the water along the way. Therefore, change the fresh water regularly especially when the bowls are kept outside.


Provide your dog with hard toys to chew

Dental chews enables the dog have a fresh breath. Chewing of these toys removes debris and plaque present in the teeth.

You should consider smearing some tasty substance such as peanut butter on these toys to encourage the dogs chew the toys. Moreover, it is advisable to choose a chew, toy and treats that are highly recommended by the veterans in order to achieve the best health benefits.

These are the products that meet the set standard for plaque prevention in pets. In addition to that, you should keep an eye on your dog when it is playing with the chew toy.

Remove broken toys and small pieces of them since they can injure your beloved pet.


Benefits of applying these methods in controlling your dog’s breath

  1. Dry food are easy to swallow and do not stick on the gums and teeth of the pet.
  2. Parsley and lemons are natural methods that is easy and most effective in controlling your dog’s breath.
  3. Carrots have the abrasive texture that help in removing plaque in the dog’s teeth.
  4. Water additives have anti-plaque ingredients that provide proper hygiene and fresh breath to your pet.
  5. Hard toys that dogs chew removes debris and plaque that are found in the dog’s teeth easily.

A dog’s fresh breath can be easily reached by feeding them with the best recommended meal to avoid the bad breath. Feeding them dry food, parsley, lemons, water additives and hard toys to chew are some of the best dog food for bad breath. These bad breath remedies could hopefully help to freshen up your dog’s breath and help you enjoy the company of your pet when it is around you without the awful breath.