Dog Mouthwash Recipe? Get 10 Good Recipes for Dogs

A great dog mouthwash recipe? Well, we do love pets and most of us like dogs. Dogs are obedient, friendly animals and when you come home after work or from somewhere else, it is always happy to see you. But have you come up with the problem that your dog has a bad breath.

It makes you also feel very upset because you cannot hug your dog when an awful smell comes from its mouth.

There are many ways to get rid of it. For example you can visit a veterinary that will provide with the best solutions or you can make a homemade mouthwash recipe yourself.

Below you can find best dog mouthwash recipes that will solve the problems with dog’s bad breath.


Parsley tea

parsley tea is a great mouthwash for dogs recipeTea is always a good idea and parsley one is great for your dog.

You can prepare tea by boiling some water and adding there parsley and leave it there for 20 minutes. After that empty that stalks and let the water to cool down.

There are two ways: first you can make your dog drink it or wash mouth of your dog or puppy.



There are different herbs out there, as for using some of them to prevent bad breath you can use Margosa Leaves and Coriander in the dog’s mouthwash pr toothpaste.

They are natural and deal with that kind of issues. One more things is to make your pet chew some peppermint leaves.



This herb can be used and it is great for the healing process and stopping bleeding. And the sign of bad smell is definitely because of germs or some diseases. Therefore calendula is an antiviral, anti-tumour and antibacterial herb.

You can also use it like making a tea by following the same rule as tip #1.



Another cause of the bad breath can be because of the plaque on, the teeth.

Carrots are full of healthy vitamins and you can feed your dog with it to reduce plaque due to its abrasive quality. It will create saliva that will help to say good bye to any food particles that were caught between the teeth.


Ceylon Cinnamon

It has several advantages of using it for your dogs:

  • Antiseptic;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Mild anesthetic;
  • Anti-microbial

There are some daily dosages for your pets:

  • Small Dogs and Cats -1/8 tsp a day.
  • Medium-Dogs -¼ tsp a day;
  • Large-Dogs – tsp a day;



Lemons are very efficient in treatment against bad breath. Do the following: you should first squeeze a lemon in to the water that your dog drinks.

Lemons have the effects of renewing the palette and cleaning the mouth. But your dog may not like it so do not overdose lemon juice.


Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit is a citrus that is famous for its medical benefits. You can add this grapefruit seed extract into the water drunk by your dog. And grapefruit seeds include active ingredients which have these features:

  • Anti-bacterial;
  • Anti-fungal;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Anti-microbial;


Baking soda

  • Make wet a tooth-brush with a warm water;
  • Dip the-brush in baking-soda(just a little soda is required-do not load your brush with soda);
  • Brush gently your dog’s teeth-baking soda is a little irritating so do not press hard when brushing.


Baking Soda & Ceylon Cinnamon

  • Put 1 tsp of baking-soda with 1/8-tsp of cinnamon in a glass;
  • Combine the soda and cinnamon;
  • Wet a tooth brush using warm water;
  • Dip brush in the cinnamon or baking soda powder mix
  • Brush carefully your dog’s or cat’s teeth


Baking Soda and Coconut Oil

  • In a glass or small bowl blend 1tsp of coconut oil,1 tsp of baking-soda
  • Mix gently the soda and coconut and it will form a paste
  • Dip brush in the baking soda/coconut mix
  • Brush your, dog’s teeth



Does homemade dog mouthwash works? Yes, and the main advantages of following these instructions are that your dog’s teeth will be healthy and there will be no bad breath. Because as it was mentioned in the tips about the herbs, they possess with antibacterial elements which wash away all the germs from the dog’s teeth and mouth.

To sum up I will say that take care of your dog, keep them on a special healthy diet in order to prevent these issues and if so you can always come back to these dog mouthwash recipe tips and do all the procedures with your lovely pet. After all when the dog is healthy, you are also healthy and you can play games together, lie on the same bed and not to worry about the effects.