Ways to Treat Dog Halitosis? Find These Here

Looking for the ways to treath dog halitosis? Of course you are, and you’ll get the tips but first let me tell a little story.

The old school kind of person who believed dogs could no just be pets, they either protect you or they do not exist. Naturally, the first chance I go to live by myself, I made an expensive investment into buying myself a dog. I bought myself a Tibetan mastiff a very loyal dog and companion and named him max.

Max is the kind of dog that loves to be out doors and sleeping in my bed at night. He will scare the hell out of me by barking unexpectedly but it’s just him. Max has always loved waking me up with licks on my feet and face. So one day he came to me and licked me and I yelled at him to leave, not because I do not love the affection; I do. It’s just that his mouth was stinking!

I later got to know this is a problem known as dog halitosis. It essentially means bad breath in dogs. So what did I do to help my dog have fresher breath?


Take your dog to the vet

This is the very first step you should take to try and help your dog get better breath. The main reason you should bring you dog to the vet is because dogs, like humans, do have gum diseases.

You cannot cure this at home and therefor you will require a professionals help. Other causes include:

Getting the correct diagnosis will help you get your dog healthier and he will also have better breath. Do not try to diagnose these problems yourself as you could kill your dog while trying to treat him.

Once the doctor has made a diagnosis, they will clean the dog’s teeth. Have your dog go for checkups and cleaning regularly.


Clean their teeth

You can get a dog’s tooth brush and tooth paste for dogs from any pet store around you. Like your own teeth, even if you do go to the doctor often, you still need to brush and floss often.

In the first few days your dog may get defensive as they will feel violated by these new actions, however they will thank you with fresher licks and a healthier mouth.

Do not use human toothpaste because it may upset the stomach of your canine, dogs will not spit, and most times, they will swallow the paste.


Give them good food

The quality of the food you feed your canine will reflect in how their mouths smell. Like you, if you eat garlic, your mouth will smell. So feed your dog on easy to digest food so that they can keep dog halitosis at bay and have better digestion.


Benefits of following these steps

There are numerous of benefits you will get from ensuring your dog’s mouth is clean. Your dog will be happier, healthier and when they lick you, you will not want to vomit.



Now I can enjoy having my dog near me because I have taken measures to ensure that it has healthier teeth and gums. When max comes to wake me, I no longer yell..