10 Good Dog Breath Mints You Want to Know About

For all of us pet owner’s out there we know as soon as our dog’s start to grow they eventually reach a phase where their breath starts to smell which is why you are searching for dog breath mints.

The foul smell of your dog can also mean there is some disease attacking your dog’s oral health therefore we should keep it in mind that if not treated timely this can become a major issue and you might will be searching for braces for dogs. However there are several remedies to counter the problem of the bad breaths of our dogs.

The remedies range from DIY mints to proper marketed products to dispel the unpleasant odor from our furry companions.

Here we have listed down for you some of the best minty delights for your dog’s bad breath.


Yip Yap Dog Mints

Finding itself among the dog mint’s star the Yip Yap Dog Mints have successfully made a name for themselves.

Selling hotly on Amazon, Yip Yap’s customers are more than satisfied with the quality of the product. At Amazon the Yip Yap mints are available at a price of $46.95 for 12 packs, making it a nice bargain for the dog owners out there.

The Yip Yaps market their product as a fun experience plus the bone shaped really is crowd pleaser in the dog community.

One of the best aspects of Yip Yap mints is that they deliver what they say; they truly take away the bad breath from your dog.


 Greenies Dental Chew

Another market trending product in dog’s breath is Greenies Dental Chew. According to the people over at greenies, they claim it to be Vet’s number one choice for dental chews.

Greenies finds itself a spot in the top breath mints because ultimately greenies deliver what we eventually want and that is disappearance of bad breath from our dog’s mouth, Greenies Dental Chew does just that but with also the added benefits of cleansing the mouth of the dog from tartar and plaque as well keeping it healthy and fresh.

A 27 oz. of Greenies Dental Chews will cost you around $17.39 from Amazon’s online store.


Tropiclean mint foam

No.3 at our list is another product which is marketed as mint foam for dog breaths. With a 4.2/5 ratings on Amazon, Tropiclean mint foam is a solid deal.

The mint foam is an easy to carry spray bottle which immediately creates an easy foam in your dog’s mouth killing the bacteria’s responsible for the breath of the your dog. The Tropiclean spray has earned much praise from the consumers who have used it so far, further suggesting that the product is doing well in the market.

A 4.5oz bottle of Tropiclean will cost you around $5.94 at Amazon’s online web store.


 Twistix Dog Treats

Twistix Dog Treats usually come in three flavors (original, peanut butter and mint). The mint version of Twistix has been popular among the customers.

According to reviews on Amazon and reviewstream.com customers who had has experience with Twistix are pretty happy with the results so far.

The N-Bone Dental Twistix 5.5oz bag will cost you around $6.88 from Amazon with free shipment.


Halo Spot’s Chew Dental Treat Mint

Since we are talking about the dental mint treats, another name that pops to mind is the Halo Spot’s chew Dental Treat Mint for pets.

The Dental chews promise to be wheat gluten and added flavors free. The low in fat treats are also good for the teeth and gum as they protect them and keep the mouth of the dog from smelling bad.



Minties from VETIQ are another mint treat product making sound claims about the freshness it provides. According to VETIQ every bite of Minties delivers a triple action formula for your dog by help cleaning the teeth, promoting fresh breath and helping reduce plaque and tartar on the teeth.



These Wheat-Free Dog Treats are right of the bat from doctors foster and smith website (drsfostersmith.com). With a rating of 4.9/5 at the website, these doggy treats must have ticked of the right check boxes to earn such a high score.

As with other treat Bone-A-Mints promises to deliver lasting cooling breath in your dog’s mouth. Along with that the five natural breath fresheners present in the treat will provide a soothing mint experience, lastly the treats are highly digestible and help in removing plaque from teeth and gum of the dog.


Dental Fresh

Synergy Labs ental Fresh’ is a water additive which is different from typical minty chews; the water additive makes it an effective method for the regular cleaning of the dog’s mouth and to keep it orally hygienic.

Dental fresh helps
reduce the built up of plaque and tartar and with the daily use of Dental Fresh dogs oral health is considered to be under good conditions.

Currently a gallon of Dental Fresh is available at petco.com for $26.99.


Nylabone Advance Oral care

Nylabone’s Advance Oral care is targeted is a liquid tartar remover and helps keep your dogs mouth fresh and clean.

Advance Oral Care is made up of Denta-C which according to the company is scientifically proven to provide a good effect against tartar forming in your dog’s mouth. Along with removal of tartar the product curtails the bad odors forming in the mouth and help maintain a fresh breath for the dog.

Normal directions for using the liquid tartar remover are to combine one table spoon of the product with 32 oz. of water.


Quado Interactive Dog Chew Treat

Interactive Dog Chew Treat by Quado come in mint flavor along with pumpkin flavor. The mint flavored chew treats can help fight off against plaque as well as tartar all the while freshening the mouth with the minted scent.

The interactive chew treats claim to be free of added salts, sugars or sweeteners, they are supposed to be all natural, completely edible and highly digestible making them a sound choice for dog owners looking for an oral health care treats.

With a sound list of minty treatments from chewy treats to water additives all of the above products help to ensure one single thing and that is the oral cleanliness of your dog, the very thing with which you do not want to take chances.