What to do When Your Own Dog has Bad Teeth and Breath?

We all love dogs. Being the most loyal animals, they form an integral part of our lives. Often, we go the extra mile to do stuff for our dogs. Do you own a dog and share a special bond with him?

Domestication of dogs goes back to the ancient times when people had dogs protecting them from wild animals. Around the world, numerous centers cater to the dog’s wellness and health.

What if your dog is unwell? Do you even feel that “my dog has bad teeth and breath”, certainly, you would seek medical consultation. However, in some cases, dogs have bad breath and teeth, and this puts you in a strange situation.

With your dog having problem of bad breath you cannot take them out anywhere, nor play with them because the odor is too strong. So, what should one really do?


What Causes Bad Teeth and Breath in a Dog?

If you often ask yourself about your dogs teeth are bad or maybe the breath, these things are often the cause.

Gum diseases:

  • Dogs are susceptible to plaque and tartar which causes bad breath

Medical Problems:

  • Often, bad breath is caused by undiagnosed medical problems that occur in the mouth and other internal organs.

Respiratory Organs:

  • Bad breath can also be a result of an issue in the respiratory system. Immediate medical consultation must be sought in such a scenario.


Treatment of Bad Teeth and Breath

The treatment of your dog has bad teeth and breath depends on the outcome of the physical examination conducted by the vet. Plaque in teeth might require professional cleaning. Change of food might also be recommended.

The vet would suggest further steps if the issue pertains to the damage in internal organs like liver or kidneys. Medical consultation is the final answer in this regard.


Steps taken to Prevent Bad Teeth and Breath

Regular Checkups:

  • Taking your dog for regular checkups is a must. Consult the vet on all aspects.
  • Checkups help in monitoring the dog’s health and other food habits.
  • They also help in detection and diagnosis of other discreet medical conditions.


  • Consistent monitoring is important to understand the dog’s health
  • Keep a track on the condition of the dog’s teeth and breath
  • Helps in timely detection of serious diseases

Quality of Food:

  • Make sure your dog doesn’t consume fatty stuff too often
  • Keep him away from sugary substances as they contain plaque
  • Feed him easy to digest food

Toys for Cleansing:

  • Hard teeth help in natural cleansing and brush the dogs teeth
  • Make sure the toys are germ free
  • Seek medical consultation if problems originate in the teeth


Benefits of following the above Precautions

Less Medicines:

  • Your dog would require less medical treatment
  • Physically more active
  • Restlessness and irritation would be absent

Lesser Risk of Medical Conditions:

  • If the dog is fed healthy food, there would be lesser risk of internal problems.
  • The dog remains healthy, and also his internal organs.

Don’t be alarmed if your dog is suffering from bad teeth and breath. Take up the necessary steps listed and get rid of the problem of my dog has bad teeth and breath. A healthy dog means a happy owner.