Breath Mints for Dogs: Yip Yap Dog Mints

You probably have noticed that you like people who make you feel refresh when you talk to them. The same applies for your dog that makes its breath fresh and reviving. The dogs also love it when you treat them with such breath mints.

There are many animal products which have been launched in the market, but only a few products survived and thrived. Yip Yap Breath Fresheners for dogs is also one of those products which have been warmly welcomed by the owners of the pets and at this moment it has occupied a big share in the market of the animal products. It is an addition to the line of product of America’s biggest and the oldest manufacturer of pets’ supplies: Sergeants Pet Care Products.


use the Yip Yap mints for your dog


“The Breath Mint for Dogs: Yip Yap Dog Mints”, comes in a conveniently carried tin which consists of a combination of liver, rosemary, parsley and green tea. It tastes like a liver and has shape of a bone which further persuades the dogs. The key benefits associated with the product are;

  • low level of fat with no wheat, soy, diary, or gluten
  • presence of natural components and flavors
  • Bone-like shape

In addition to these, it should also be remembered that this product suits adult dogs the most as adult dogs tend to have a relatively high level of bad mouth fresh. The average cost of the product, as outlined by the Amazon is $46.95 and contains 12 individual tins or packs -> Check it out at Amazon here

You can use the product based on the fact how much your dog likes the product or how much you want your dog smell refreshed. You can give your dog this treat once every morning, the time most dog owners present the treat to their dogs, or twice.

Based on all the reviews of customers who have tested the product on their dogs, more than eighty seven percent of the reviewers recommended the product and also suggested other dog owners who are still confused and hesitate whether or not to try the product to give it a try. Also the product is launched by the most trustworthy American brand in the pet food industry, Sergeants Pet Care Products, which has been in the same business for more than one hundred years. Such strong support and conviction of users have earned the product fame in the pets’ food industry and also has been one of the most likeable products for the dogs. You can easily find the product in many department stores like the Walmart, Target, Sires to mention only such a few and they also order online via Amazon, Ebay and many others.

So if you want your dog smell like revved and thrived every day or when you start taking it for a walk in the evening, you are surely going to need it. Not only you would like it, but also your dog would certainly love it and enjoy the stroll with you. Do not miss this opportunity and show your dog how much you love it and take care of it but using Yip Yap and of course feeding it with best dog food for bad breath.