Braces for Dogs? Important Things to Note When Getting Braces

Braces for dogs? When it comes to dental care, humans have the unfortunate notion that it is a thing that is only reserved for them.

Ideally you might have been in this category and thus let your pets in general go through their lifetime without a visit for dental cake. Just like with humans, taking good care of pets teeth ensures that it lives a longer and healthier life. At the very least you will quit complaining about your dog’s bad breath. In relation with dogs dental care, sometimes issues that arise might ideally be fixed with braces for dogs.


What are braces for dogs

As expected not many people are well versed with braces for dogs and its use. Ideally braces for dogs are basically orthodontic appliances that are used for re-positioning teeth, this is used especially in cases where the teeth are improperly maligned and thus need some sort of fixing.


Problems fixed by braces for dogs

As mentioned this are used to re-position your dog’s teeth in order to be a better fit and to work effectively. Just like humans, dental problems in dogs bring about oral pain to various degree levels and to a wide extent bring upon infection in the mouth. In hindsight this means that with an infection, bacteria are prone to spread;entering the blood stream making the whole pain seen unbearable to your pet.

Braces for dogs are used to help in cases where the dogs have a lingual displacement of the mandibular. This displacement means that not only will the appearance of the facial features of your dog seem strange but the fangs are too close to the tongue hence poking the roof of its mouth every time they eat.


How it works

The whole idea of braces for dogs is purposefully the same as human braces. The concept is built on trying to apply gentle pressure to fix otherwise uncomfortable and sometimes painful situations that your dog’s dental structure might present.

Ideally the braces are used for preventing diseases and the likes. In various cases, as a dog owner you might have observed some weird behavior in your dog especially in relation to meal times.

Braces for dogs are used to ensure that the teeth are better places and thus your dog gets to eat better and more comfortable than ever.


How to know that it’s time to get braces for your dog 

With dogs getting to know the problem is an issue in itself as dogs in general have a higher threshold of pain. This means that a dog can ideally be its jovial active self in everyday instances even in cases where it is experiencing a lot of pain.

Needless to say as a dog owner keen interest in your dog is required to ensure that pinpoint the cases correctly to get needed treatment. As always, there are tale signs that you can use including

Low appetite

It is a fact that most dog food are good for human consumption and hence the reason for human tasters in different foods. As much as you might not be confident in this approach, what it means that if it’s good enough and appetizing for you it should be for your dog. To pinpoint if there is a problem simply look at the appetite changes in your dog. If they are no longer interested in their favorite meals a or they simply take a longer time to eat dental issues might be the problem

Tooth issues

When thinking about tooth issues, this in general means abnormal issues that ideally should not be there. This includes having cases where the teeth strike each other especially so during eating this signifying that they are not well aligned. Other tale signs include soft tissue bruising especially after meals, frequent chipping of the tooth and overall periodontal inflammation that needs constant medical care.

Your dog’s character 

Change in character is another issue you should look in your dog for. Ideally all dogs should be at the very least friendly with you as the dog owner and should have happy moments. Difference in character like agitation and being fierce and moody all of a sudden could signify health related issues especially in relation to dental issues

Medical examination

With a higher threshold to pain than other pets in general, you get to know that your dog is in need of braces by having it undergo a medical examination. The most common method used is with the ocular examination where bite sizes and marks are analyzed to ensure that they are right and in the general acceptable range.


How to go about Choosing braces for your dog

Ideally you have no say when it comes to choosing braces for your dogs as this is mainly your dog’s vet decision. His is because they are effectively more qualified that n you in identifying how severe the case is and how much work is needed in order to fix the dental issue with braces for dogs.


Fixed or removable braces

With you having the advantage of knowing the character of your dog, you put this in practice by looking at the needs that best fit your dog. Dogs that generally have low tolerance in discomfort and are easily agitated are less inclined to have fixed braces as this simply makes their character unbearable. With the option of having a break, especially in cases where the issue isn’t as severe, a breather in having the braces removed after meals is always a great idea.


Cost of braces

As a dog owner you also have a say in the cost and average budget that the braces for dogs will require. As expected, higher quality is more expensive. Also some need constant check ins and thus more expensive when the vet fee is factored in. In relation to your budget and dog needs, you get to choose dog braces that work for all of you.



As always when considering dog braces for your dog, the last thing that you should consider when looking for braces for dogs that can aid them is looks. Simply put dogs have zero care for how the braces look on them and neither should you. At the end of the day it’s simply about what it delivers.