4 Best Dog Food for Bad Breath Your Dog Will Love

Many a times even after following so many precautions your dog may have some sudden behavioural changes out of the bloom. These changes may occur due to an underlying medical condition present which could’ve slipped past our eyes.

One of the causes could be bad breath also known as halitosis which is a medical term for an offensive odour coming from the mouth and is a major occurrence in puppies and dogs.


What to consider regarding bad breath?

know the cause of dogs bad breath to find the best foodSometimes chronic or persistent bad breath in an indicative that your dog requires dental treatment or there could be issues with his gastrointestinal tract, kidneys or even liver. It is something which should not be put off or avoided. As soon as the problem is identified you should seek help from a vet to rule out any serious illness.

Just as we have dental problems if our teeth are not taken proper of, the very same way it happens in dogs as well. It is prerequisite to understand that dogs need the same attention as we do to our body.

The main reason for halitosis is due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth resulting in gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis.

The bacteria accumulate resulting in the formation of plaque and cavities resulting in various dental issues.


Bad breath symptoms

So what are the symptoms you are supposed to look out for which may require urgent medical treatment?

  • Bad breath
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding from gums
  • Compulsive chewing
  • Continuous licking of the nose
  • Changes in the eating habit
  • Unusual fruity smell from the mouth may indicate diabetes
  • Foul odour accompanied with vomiting and yellowing of gums may indicate liver problems
  • Excessive drooling
  • Missing teeth

The above symptoms are just a lookout so that as pet owners you are aware of any minor changes and help your dog undergo treatment as soon as possible. However, in most of the cases bad breath can easily be treated with a few changes in your pets’ routine and diet or even some doggy Mouthwash.


Dental care for your dog?

It is mandatory to understand that every day oral hygiene practice is required and should not be missed at all. As quoted, prevention is better than cure. You can follow the steps mentioned below for a proper dental care routine.

  • Incorporate the brushing routine from his puppyhood
  • Always keep a fixed time for brushing his teeth. This will make him accustomed to the habit.
  • Inspect your dogs mouth everyday even after brushing in case you come across any broken tooth or signs of infection
  • Use the Petosan oral cleaner to remove or wipe off the plaque of his teeth before using dog breath mints or else to treat the bad breath.


Best dog food for bad breath

find the good dog food that can solve bad breathYou can change your dog’s food in addition to changes in the brushing technique such as giving him a fresh bone or Nylabone to chew on after his meals. Dogs who chew regularly on bones or hard biscuits are not at all prone to dental conditions like bad breath.

There are many chewing toys available in any pet store that have rough surfaces perfect for chewing which helps keep their teeth healthy by massaging the gums and removing any food debris.

Oral care products designed for dogs are easily available in the market which aims not at reducing the current plaque and calculus in his mouth but rather preventing the build up and accumulation of further more bacteria causing tartar.

There are so many products which state the purpose of oral care but sometimes it just gets exhausting and confusing to determine what is best for your dog’s teeth. Here is a 4 of the best dog food for bad breath.


Royal Canin dental

ROYAL CANIN Canine Dental Dry (7.7 lb)Royal Canin is considered one of the best companies to provide a well balanced and proper nutrition.

This dry dog food is formulated in such a way that it meets to your dogs daily nutrition. It helps in reducing the tartar build up, improves digestion and supports cellular health.

The dry food contains kibbles which are very good for chewing as it has a mild abrasive effect on the teeth. This reduces the accumulation of bacteria and eventually plaque.

It also contains many nutrients and minerals such as omega fatty acids (EPA and DHA) which make the bones stronger.

With the proper balance of nutrients it helps in regulating the healthy or good intestinal flora and prevents any infections.


Hills prescription diet t/d Canine

buy the good Hills food for bad breathThe Hills prescription diet for dogs has been formulated such that it helps in the reduction of plaque and tartar build up.

The dry food cleans the tooth surfaces preventing stains and gum diseases. It promotes the overall health and also contains kibbles in various sizes and shape to increase chewing and massage the gums.

This canine diet comprises of a special matrix fibre technology which increases immunity and provides all the nutrition.

With its daily use, it can act as supplement or an alternative to brushing as well. Undoubtedly the best dog food for bad breath which must be tried by owners having such issues.


Science Diet Oral Care

Hill's Science Diet Adult Oral Care Dry Dog FoodScience diet oral care is another product of Hills. This dry dog food provides all the possible nutrition for the complete dental care. It has kibble technology that helps the dog to chew properly which helps to reduce tartar and any plaque build up.

The daily use of this oral care diet helps freshen the dogs breath and improves the immunity. It also contains natural high content of fibre which improves digestion.


Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Diet

buy the Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Diet for your dogThe Eukanuba Adult maintenance diet is another brand available to treat dental issues. It meets nutritional levels which normally cannot be provided through everyday diet.

It contains Vitamin E , calcium, Omega 6 fatty acids and Omega 3 fatty acids. The dog food gives a healthy shine to the coat and helps prevents plaque accumulation.

So if you are looking for solutions for effective treatments to reduce bad breath, then this article provides all that you need to know.

Always keep in mind to visit your veterinarian regardless if you think the issue is not that serious. By taking proper care of your dog from the start will make your dog healthier and also add many happy dog years.