learn about serjas bad dog breath siteAre you looking for the right tips how to take care of your dogs bad breath?

Maybe your dog have illness and other problems that you don’t know how to deal with?

Whatever your looking for regarding dogs, you will be able to find answers how to solve or where to you can find the proper answers which Serjas is all about.


If you’re looking for dog tips to bad breath, illness and problems

Hi and welcome to Serjas.com where you can find tips, tricks and solutions for dog bad breaths, illness and problems.

All who love their dog are worried about the dog no matter if it’s old or maybe just a puppy, because dogs are truly humans best friend and treat your dog the right way, it will love you forever.

The best solutions are sometimes right in front of you, and the best way how to get rid of your dogs bad breath can sometimes be very simple but sometimes the solution is not just one thing but more like 10 things you need to change for the good of the dog.

You will find naturally, homemade and also remedies solutions for getting rid of bad dog breath or maybe bad teeth in dogs, and even though this site is based on handling the bad smells, you will also be able to find causes and tips to solve dog problems.


Who is behind Serjas?

The owner of Serjas.com is me Morten Olesen. I’m past the magic 40 year of age and family man with wife and kids, and of course, also a dog. My daughter is 3 years old and she is the reason we have a new sweet little puppy.

I handle the maintaince of the site and it actually requires quite a lot of time, and this is the reason you will find ads on the site, because it is not cheap to run such a site.



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If you need to get in contact with us, you can leave a message at the contact page here, and I promise to answer you back very fast.